Arborist Certification in Connecticut

Les Arbres ‘ principals are 100% certified by the CTPA

The Connecticut Tree Protective Association regularly honors individuals who have made significant contributions to arboriculture and to the care and protection of Connecticut’s trees. 2018’s CTPA Award of Merit winner was Leslie Lewis III (shown below with partner and son Les Lewis IV), founder of Les Arbres Exceptional Tree Care and Fine Gardening. Read more… 

Les has been a practicing Connecticut Licensed Arborist for over 40 years. He began his career working with local tree and gardening services and discovered a natural talent in the arboricultural and horticultural fields. In 1971, he founded Les Arbres and, like the thousands of trees Les has planted, the firm has been growing strong ever since. For years, Les has taught arboriculture at The Bartlett Arboretum, helping others by spreading his wealth of knowledge and experience. Part of his pro bono work has included the pruning of one of the massive white oaks at the Agricultural Experiment Station in New Haven.

Along with his extensive knowledge of the arboreal arts, Les is well known and regarded for his strong artistic sensibilities. He loves to view each tree as a living work of art that can be nourished, helped and shaped to its fullest potential. That message has been passed down to his son and the other dedicated members of the Les Arbres team he has trained over the years.