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Professional Tree Service by Experts

Les Arbres are professional arborists and horticulturalists providing exceptional tree service and care, fine gardening and landscape services for residential and commercial customers throughout Fairfield County, Connecticut. Les Arbres combines scientific expertise as arborists and tree care specialists with an artistic understanding that delivers the highest quality for each of our clients’ properties.

We are certified and fully insured professional arborists and horticulturalists. Whether providing design, maintenance, rehabilitation or new plantings, our trained team uses state-of-the-art equipment to handle every aspect of property care quickly and safely. We provide our clients with peace of mind.

Shade Tree Pruning

Creating long-term structural health and grace in trees

Les Arbres recommends shade trees be carefully pruned about every five to seven years. This pruning may involve removal of deadwood, adventitious growth or unnecessary crossing branches. Pruning enables large trees in particular to grow with structural grace, and allows them to function efficiently.

Pruning by professional arborists and horticulturalists maximizes a tree’s ability to weather the damaging effects of wind, ice and snow. It minimizes the risks of disease or insect problems. Shade tree pruning can be done year-round and Les Arbres works with each of our clients to establish a complete pruning schedule that grows and maintains healthy shades trees throughout the property.

Specialty Tree Pruning

Pruning ornamentals, shrubs and specialty trees

Les Arbres tree care experts prune ornamental trees and shrubs to manage and maintain the ornamental quality and scale of each plant within its landscape. This work helps guide trees and shrubs for continued growth and overall plant health.

Les Arbres typically performs Fruit Tree and Orchard Pruning as annual procedures, often during the dormant season (November through early March). Our main focus is on developing stem structure, florescence, fruit production and disease prevention in each ornamental plant.

Les Arbres tree and shrub maintenance

Cabling and Bracing

Using rigid bracing to protect trees in nature

Les Arbres installs rigid bracing and flexible cabling where needed to support large limbs and stems on trees which may be at risk of breaking under the stresses of weight, wind and weather.

Force stresses may also cause some trees to grow in unhealthy patterns and shapes, leaving them vulnerable to decay, disease or insect infestation. Our professionals properly set up and then maintain rigid bracing over time. This mitigates the threat of damage to the trees and safety issues posed for both people and property, and promotes beautiful, shapely and healthy tree growth.

Woodland Grooming

Taming and caring for identified woodland areas

Typically, these areas occupy important sections of a property. Creating a healthy environment that encourages stability and growth is crucial to the long-term health of a property and its trees and other plant life.

Wooded areas also provide ornamental transitions from open lawn and garden to more thickly wooded sections of a property. Les Arbres works with each client to carefully identify and map out a long-term plan for health for the wooded areas that need attention and maintenance.

Les Arbres arborists and horticulturalists identify and define the valuable native trees and shrubs within each setting on a property. We create and execute a plan of care that will enhance each wooded area’s health and natural beauty.

Overgrowth Control

Overgrowth is a symptom of property that is out of control.

With each growing season, untended plants begin to darken and obscure surrounding desirable flora. Trees and wooded areas as well as homes and entire properties take on a neglected appearance.

Les Arbres has the experience, knowledge and eye for design to properly assess and prioritize the strengths and weaknesses of all plant life within an overgrown property. Our arborists also provide tree and shrub removal as needed to remove unwanted plants.

We restore and use valuable existing plants and provide options for blending new plant materials and other options for design into the mix. The results are a luxurious, vibrant property that is healthy and sustainable.

Tree and Site Arborist Appraisals

Tree identification and property and site appraisal

We are professional arborists and horticulturalists providing tree and property inspections that will identify trees and shrubs with lasting value in the landscape. We will craft long-range maintenance and service plans customized to fit each of our clients’ needs and goals for each specific piece of property.

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