Westport Landscape Design Services

Les Arbres is a design/build horticulture firm. We work with each of our clients to explore ideas and share inspiration. We conduct a site analysis and develop a garden plan reflecting the potential use of flower beds, hardscape, outdoor furnishings, ornamental grasses and shrubs, herb and vegetable gardens and other plantings. We build and maintain an environment that provides an oasis at any time of year.

Westport Landscape Design Services

Les Arbres works closely with each of our clients to design a landscape that captures a vision unique to the property. We strive to utilize the full beauty of the naturally occurring features of a given space, balancing that with a designed setting that creates a sense of place that is tranquil with a sophisticated elegance.

Using only the best quality plants, soils and hardscape materials, Les Arbres creates personalized oases that are both visually pleasing and environmentally sustainable. Les Arbres also optimizes and upgrades pre-existing landscape designs by transplanting important plants, grading and installing proper drainage.

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About Westport, Connecticut:

Westport, located in lower Fairfield County, Connecticut, is part of Connecticut’s legendary “gold coast” of premium bedroom communities between Westchester County and New Haven County.

The roots of Westport’s reputation as an arts center can be traced back to around 1910 when the town experienced a dazzling cultural expansion which attracted artists, musicians, and authors (including F. Scott Fitzgerald and his wife Zelda) to town.

Westport eventually changed from a community of farmers to a suburban development. From the 1950s through the 1970s, New Yorkers relocated from the city to the suburbs and discovered Westport’s culture of artists, musicians and authors. The population grew rapidly, assisted by the ease of commuting by railroad to and from New York City. By this time Westport was offering chic New York-style fashion shopping and a school system with a very good reputation, making it an ideal destination for families of means. Today, Westport has developed into a center for finance, insurance, and professional, scientific and technical services.