Fine gardening and garden design services

Flower, herb and ornamental gardens that form an oasis

Whether conceiving a new garden or improving an existing one, a properly designed and maintained garden combines healthy plant species that grow well together with aesthetic combinations of form, color and texture tha create complete environments.

Les Arbres is a design/build horticulture firm. We work with each of our clients to explore ideas and share inspiration. We conduct a site analysis and develop a garden plan reflecting the potential use of flower beds, hardscape, outdoor furnishings, ornamental grasses and shrubs, herb and vegetable gardens and other plantings. We build and maintain an environment that provides an oasis at any time of year.

hand drawn garden design plan

Fine Garden Design

Customized Garden Design

Every client is different, and so are each of their properties. Working closely in collaboration with each of our clients, Les Arbres designs gardens that form a vital part of each property’s landscape. We strive to create an exquisite private world that embraces and delights each visitor.

Our process begins with listening. With each client we work to develop an understanding of the goals for the property. We carefully research each property’s unique flora and other characteristics. Using our expertise in plantings and design, we develop and build out garden plans that will create unique and compelling environments. We employ annuals and/or perennials and use edging, mulching and weeding to elaborate on each design. The results are delightful and unique scenes that relax and inspire throughout each of the four seasons.

three Les Arbres crew members maintaining a beautiful residential garden

Garden Care & Maintenance

Traditional Garden Care

The right choice of plants for each property’s conditions is crucial, but once the species and varieties are in place, Les Arbres custom creates an ongoing plan of care for each section of a garden. This ensures vitality and durability throughout the seasons and through varied weather conditions.

We prune, irrigate, and fertilize to maximize beauty without sacrificing hardiness and disease resistance. Our maintenance programs include spring and fall clean-ups, soil aeration and seeding and other needed care.

lush green garden with trees and planting beds

Green Gardening Practices

Environmentally Sustainable Gardening

Les Arbres practices environmentally sustainable gardening. Each plant and plant bed is analyzed for proper soil nutrition.

Organic fertilization and soil amendments are used wherever possible to provide sustainable and ecologically friendly nutritional support. Les Arbres uses gardening methods, fertilizers and equipment that protect the environment and the plants, animals and people who enjoy it.

ornate concrete planter containing flowering plants

Containers and Hanging Baskets

Containers, Baskets and Window Boxes

Les Arbres designs containers and hanging baskets that provide seasonal interest. Using a composition of form, color and texture above the soil line, our designs balance hardscaping and work nicely with surrounding plantings to create a healthy and beautiful accents to every garden and landscape environment.

Les Arbres composes portable four-season container gardens. These plantings can be transported throughout the house and garden to create beautiful environments year round.

Herb and Vegetable Gardens

Growing Fresh and Organic Produce

As local as produce can get, Les Arbres works with our clients to design and maintain fresh organic herb and vegetable gardens that provide farm-to-table ingredients right from their own property. Healthy herb and vegetable gardens not only provide fresh produce but also act as a beautiful, utilitarian addition to each property’s landscape.

Les Arbres designs and organizes gardens calculated to make optimal use of sunlight, soil optimized for specific types of plants and proper drainage that promotes growth.