Who will be working on my property?

The Les Arbres team is comprised of talented arborists, tree service specialists, landscapers and gardeners. All team members are fully insured with long-term training in their fields. Owners of Les Arbres, Leslie Lewis III and Leslie Lewis IV, are on-site for every job to ensure quality tree and garden care. Les Arbres has been inspected and accredited for work that meets or exceeds the highest industry standards in professionalism, safety, maintenance and quality in our business practices. Each member of the Les Arbres team is fully licensed, trained and insured. Continue reading “Who will be working on my property?”

Why should I hire Les Arbres?

Les Arbres is 100% owner-operated. We don’t send crews out under loose supervision, our principals are on-site 100% of the time, working alongside team members, performing the work as well as proving guidance.

We provide a high quality, multifacited approach to tree and landscape care. We respect both the practical and aesthetic value of each tree, shrub, and plant we care for. Continue reading “Why should I hire Les Arbres?”

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Woodland grooming

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What Is A Certified Arborist?

Arborist Certification in Connecticut

Les Arbres ‘ principals are 100% certified by the CTPA

The Connecticut Tree Protective Association regularly honors individuals who have made significant contributions to arboriculture and to the care and protection of Connecticut’s trees. 2018’s CTPA Award of Merit winner was Leslie Lewis III (shown below with partner and son Les Lewis IV), founder of Les Arbres Exceptional Tree Care and Fine Gardening. Read more…  Continue reading “What Is A Certified Arborist?”