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About Leslie Lewis III: Arborist of the Year 2018

Les Arbres founder wins honor from CT Tree Protective Association

The Connecticut Tree Protective Association regularly honors individuals who have made significant contributions to arboriculture and to the care and protection of Connecticut’s trees.

“The Tree Whisperer”

This year’s CTPA Award of Merit winner is Leslie Lewis III (shown at right, with his partner and son Les Lewis IV), founder of Les Arbres Exceptional Tree Care and Fine Gardening.

Les has been a practicing Connecticut Licensed Arborist for over 40 years. He began his career working with local tree and gardening services and discovered a natural talent in the arboricultural and horticultural fields. In 1971, he founded Les Arbres and, like the thousands of trees Les has planted, the firm has been growing strong ever since.

For years, Les has taught arboriculture at The Bartlett Arboretum, helping others by spreading his wealth of knowledge and experience. Part of his pro bono work has included the pruning of one of the massive white oaks at the Agricultural Experiment Station in New Haven.

Along with his extensive knowledge of the arboreal arts, Les is well known and regarded for his strong artistic sensibilities. He loves to view each tree as a living work of art that can be nourished, helped and shaped to its fullest potential. That message has been passed down to his son and the other dedicated members of the Les Arbres team he has trained over the years.

“Still Climbing After all These Years”

Still a very active tree climber at age 71, one of Les’ goals is to be the oldest active climber in Connecticut. He is known throughout the area as a quiet and contemplative person, with a reputation for perfectionism in his impeccable work. He strives to ensure that each member of the Les Arbres team thoroughly understands every aspect of the profession, and has a gift for breaking down complex projects into simple, understandable steps that colleagues and clients can appreciate.

About the Award

This Award of Merit is given and presented each year at the Connecticut Tree Protective Association’s annual meeting. The CTPA Board of Directors requests nominations for awardees each year and encourages the nomination of individuals within their membership who deserves special recognition. The CTPA been dedicated to the care of Connecticut’s trees since its founding in 1922, and promotes the care of trees through meetings, educational events, workshops, and outreach.

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About Leslie Lewis IV

Leslie Lewis IV is certifiable. No, not that kind of certifiable — although sometimes when clients see him swinging from a tree branch sixty feet in the air, they wonder aloud.

Les “the Fourth” as he is known, (shown ‘hanging out’ in his element above), whose dad Leslie Lewis III founded the firm, has been fascinated by trees and climbing in them since he was old enough to stand. He says, “I feel so lucky to be able to do something that I love, and to be able to do it with my father, it’s a genuine blessing.”

Les recently stepped forward with his own vision, bringing home a 2018 HOBI Award for Best Amenity: Gardens and Legacy Trees for his design work on a property on Brush Island in Darien (see Awards below for details).

Les IV has passed both requisite examinations and is the firm’s second licensed Arborist for the state of Connecticut. The licensing is administered by the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental and Energy Protection (DEEP). He passed them on his first try, no small feat in that many professional arborists hold Connecticut’s to be among the top five most difficult exams in the United States. Les is also an International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Certified Arborist.


About the Firm


Providing Exceptional Tree Care and Fine Gardening Since 1971

Unlike many professional tree service, garden and landscape companies, Les Arbres approaches each property with a sense of community. Our family-owned tree service firm enjoys the stability of career personnel — talented professionals who tend to remain within our organization for long periods of time. Our staff of arborists and tree service specialists, landscapers and gardeners take every opportunity to enrich their individual knowledge and expertise. Our team members share their experience and have deep respect and affection for their fellow employees.

We pay particular attention to the art of listening. We listen to our clients’ ideas, dreams and unique points of view about their home and their trees, landscape and property. We strive for excellence in our work at every opportunity, so it’s not surprising that we attract gifted, reliable professionals.

Les Arbres arborists and horticulturalists are tree service and garden problem-solvers. Each member of our team — the designers, installation specialists, maintenance experts and others — has cross-disciplinary skills that guide and enrich our decision-making process. Every member of our team also possesses inherent knowledge — of music, art, history, literature and philosophy — that extends far beyond the formal boundaries of their job description, and these come into play in our tree service and design specialties.

We utilize wide-ranging knowledge in our work, creating solutions within each landscape that are inspired and informed.  We work together and in conjuction with our clients to build and maintain a free-flowing exchange of concepts, principles and processes. Together we achieve more than any one of us could achieve alone — a concept we embrace for ourselves, for our company, and for our clients.





HOBI Award for Gardens and Legacy Trees

Les Arbres was honored to receive the 2018 HOBI Award for Best Amenity: Gardens and Legacy Trees from the Home Builders & Remodelers Association of Connecticut (HBRA) for tree and landscape work done on Brush Island in Darien CT. Cole Harris Associates created the project and received HOBI awards for Best Spec Home.

Les Arbres was originally brought in to help preserve several large 100+ year-old beech trees using cabling, pruning, and other measures to protect the old growth trees during construction. Later, Les Arbres returned to institute a full landscaping plan including over 4,500 diverse colorful perennial, 12 to 20 foot unique trees and hundreds of shrubs to fill out the landscaping around the several residences.


Best of HOUZZ 2018 in Customer Service

The Best Of Houzz in Customer Service is awarded annually. Customer Service honors are based on several factors, including the number and quality of client reviews a professional received in 2017. Our “Best Of Houzz 2018” badge (shown) appears on our Houzz profile as a sign of Les Arbres’ ongoing commitment to excellence, to help property owners to identify top-rated home professionals.

“The Houzz community selected a phenomenal group of Best of Houzz 2018 award winners, so this year’s recipients should be very proud,” said Liza Hausman, Vice President of Industry Marketing at Houzz. “Best of Houzz winners represent some of the most talented and customer-focused professionals in our industry, and we are extremely pleased to give them both this recognition and a platform on which to showcase their expertise.”


Les Arbres included in Wilton 25, 2018

TownVibe.com selected LesArbres for their Wilton 25 selection of “the most creative, dynamic, generous, and entrepreneurial individuals that make Wilton such a wonderful place to live.”

“Les Lewis III, owner of Les Arbres Exceptional Tree Care and Fine Gardening, is known as the “Tree Whisperer.” He has been a practicing arborist in Wilton and the surrounding area for over 40 years. Recently, Lewis was awarded “Arborist of the Year.” At 71 years of age, he is still actively climbing, and hopes to become the oldest active climber in all of Connecticut—a goal he’s close to achieving.”